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Prose Book Publishing has been established to assist the discerning author who would like to self-publish. 

The publishing industry has changed.  It is no longer necessary to go through a traditional publisher who would, take ages before deciding whether or not to take on your book and who, in the end, will leave the author with only very meagre royalties.  You are now the leader of your project and the owner of your books and profits. 

Prose Book Publishing is a publishing house specializing in the realization of all books, fiction and non-fiction, from novels to high-end and complex projects. 

We offer a complete service for the author, from editing, to layout, to printing and, crucially, distribution.

We are specialists in books requiring a high-quality iconography (such as art books) and experts in projects that include copyrights and reproduction rights.

Our trusted book designers have many years of experience in the production of high quality publications, working for many private and public art galleries.

We take the quality of the illustrations in the client’s book very seriously and will make as many proofs as necessary in order to achieve the perfect nuances of colours to satisfy the client.

Above all, contrary to many competitors who will leave you stranded with your books once printed, our offer covers a service of storage, logistics and distribution of books to your customers.

Prose Book Publishing knows how to market your books in the most efficient and cost effective way.

If you have any project with high-quality objectives: contact us via the contact form on our website.  We will examine your book project very carefully. 

However, please note that Prose Book Publishing will need a synopsis of the book, a presentation of yourself and your project, a table of contents by chapters and subheadings, and at least ten pages of text in order to evaluate your project.


Prose Book Publishing

Prose book publishing takes great pride in its publication of high quality art books. 
We have invested in the latest technology to keep our high quality production of art books to the best quality possible.

Pre Press set up
Press Proofing
Quality press run
Colour proofing
Printing run
Image and colour matching

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