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Foreword by Claire H. Stewart, Curator of The Lowry Collection 

Chapter 1: Adolphe Valette: The Formative Years in France and his Arrival in England

Saint-Etienne, Early Education

Lyon, Academic Honours

Bordeaux, Honours, Disappointments and a Springboard of Fate

Arrival in England

Chapter 2: L. S. Lowry: A Youth in Victorian and Edwardian Manchester and its Industrial Context

The Local Industrial and Social Scene

Family Background, First Employment, First Artistic Aspirations

Chapter 3: Adolphe Valette and L. S. Lowry at the Manchester Municipal School of Art

The Arrival of Valette and Lowry at the Manchester School of Art

Lowry’s Early Art School Records

A Charismatic Master

Lowry’s Reception at the Manchester School of Art

Valette’s Personal Approach

The Progress of Valette’s Career at the Manchester School of Art

New Directions for Valette and Lowry

Résumé of Valette’s Pupils and Lowry’s Fellow Students

Chapter 4: Adolphe Valette and L. S. Lowry: Influences, Similarities and Differences

The Artistic Scene in Manchester at the Turn of the Century

The Treatment of the Industrial Theme by Artists in Britain

 Adolphe Valette, a Late Impressionist Painter, and the Painter of Industry and ‘Modern Life’ in Manchester

Valette’s Impressionist Paintings of Manchester and their Influence on Lowry

Lowry and Late Impressionism

Lowry’s Move to Pendlebury, his Portrayal of the Industrial Landscape and

Valette’s Influence

The Waning of Valette’s Influence

Valette’s and Lowry’s Locations

Valette and Lowry: Participation in the Same Exhibitions in the 1920s in


 Valette and Lowry and the Paris Salons

The Lifelong Exposure of Lowry to the Works of Valette and Lowry’s 

Assessment of Valette’s Tutelage




Copyright and Picture Credits


List of Iconography


Landscape in Wigan

The River Irwell at the Adelphi

An Accident

A Street Scene (St Simon’s Church)

Oldfield Road Dwellings

Band Stand, Peel Park, Salford

Portrait of the Artist’s Mother


The Lodging House

Male Nude from the Antique

Musculature of the Face, Neck and Lower Arms

Seated Male Nude

Portrait of a Man

Selling Oilcloth on the Oldham Road

Head from the Antique

Girl with Bouffant Hair

Still Life

Portrait of the Artist’s Father

Frank Jopling Fletcher

Man Lying on a Wall

Early Morning

Clifton Junction, Morning

Clifton Junction, Evening

Horse and Cart/Country Lane


St John’s Church, Manchester


Street Scene, Cul-de-Sac

Mill Worker

Coming from the Mill

Pit Tragedy

Coming Home from the Mill

An Organ Grinder

Ancoats, Manchester

Piccadilly Gardens

Peel Park, Salford

A Fight

Lodging Houses/Lancashire Industrial Scene

A Lancashire Village

A Removal

Excavating at Manchester

Election Time

Mill Scene

A Football Match

A Hawker’s Cart


Our Town (A Town Square)

Ancoats Outpatients’ Hall

Gentleman looking at Something

The Mid-Day Studios




Portrait de la Mère de l’Artiste

The Artist’s Brother Reading

Louise Sewing with two Friends

Dog Surprising a Partridge

Cast of a Faun

Plymouth Grove

Portrait of John Henry Reynolds

Male Nude from the Antique

Life Drawing of a Male Nude with a Cane

Life Drawing of a Bearded Man

Model, Life Class, Manchester School of Art

Nude Model at the Manchester School of Art


Open Air Art Class

Poster for Marie Brizard & Roger

Portrait of Charles Holmes

Portrait of Joseph Milner

Portrait of Bert Wilson

Portrait of May Aimée Smith

The Irwell

Albert Square, Manchester

Old cab at All Saints

Under Windsor Brigde on the Irwell

York Street leading to Charles Street

Castlegate, Salford


Peasants going Home

Oxford Road, Manchester

Bailey Bridge, Manchester

Manchester Ship Canal, 18 mars 1908

Manchester Ship Canal

Threlfall’s Brewery

Antonio Lamare, Ancoats, Manchester

Poster for an Exhibition of Pictures by A. Valette

Portrait of Rowley Smart

Le Rocher St-Michel au Puy

Le Turban Rose

Street Lights, Manchester

Manchester Street Scene

Self-Portait in a Barn


The Mill

Study for the Base of Statues, Albert Square



Saint-Etienne, Ecole de Dessin

Photograph of Valette 

Offices of Norbury, Natzio & Co

Photograph of L.S. Lowry by Elliot & Fry

Manchester Municipal School of Art

Senior Staff at the Manchester Municipal School of Art

Prizes awarded to L.S. Lowry at the Manchester Municipal School of Art

Class of Drawing from the Antique at the Manchester Municipal School of Art

Lowry’s course records in 1919-20

Valette and his son at Manchester School of Art in 1917

Costume Class at Salford School of Art

Valette and his star students at the Manchester School of Art

Poster for the 1998 exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery A Great Teacher Adolphe Valette and L.S. Lowry

Photograph of L.S. Lowry in front of five pochades by Valette

Valette & Lowry 

Many of the paintings by Valette and Lowry can be seen in the Manchester Art Gallery and at The Lowry in Salford.

Manchester Art Gallery 

The Lowry


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